Virtual Event Chat & Collaboration Moderators Training Agenda


This training is intended for the event chat moderators and will cover both the moderator's and the attendee's view of the virtual event platform chat widget.



  • How to access the moderator’s view? 
  • How to get attendees' pending messages?
  • How to manage your groups?
  • Learn about the recommended workflows and best practices.




Greeting/ Introduction 

Attendee View

  • Registration 
  • Sign in to the event site

Getting started

  • Allow toast notifications

  • Enable Chat
  • Show full name

Chat with us

  • During Live Sessions
  • In channels 
  • Automatic Message

Moderator View

  • Direct Link
  • Navigate to the moderator view
  • Manage Settings
  • Validate Assigned Groups
  • My groups
  • Get pending messages 
  • Choose a conversation
  • Block users
  • Resolved conversation
  • Clear all messages

Live Demo

Getting Help / Questions 

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