Kaltura MediaSpace GO (KMS GO) Mobile Application Admin Guide

This guide is for KMS GO Mobile App for iOS and Android administrators.

Setup Instructions and Configuration

  1. In your KMS admin, be certain that the Kmsapi module is enabled.

  2. Configure the Kmsapi module to enable the KMS GO application on your mobile device.
  3. If your app was Branded by Kaltura, make sure to:
    Modify the IOSAppId value, or the AndroidAppId, to the branded  IOSAppId, or AndroidAppId,  after the app is published in the App Store or Google Play.
    Note that the iOSAppId is displayed in iTunes Connect after Publish.
  4. Configure the instance's mobile home playlists.
    The mobile playlists are not the same as the web playlists. You must configure them here so they will appear in the app’s home. See Setup a KMS GO Podcast to setup playlists for podcasts.
  5. If you want the player to auto play, set accordingly here.
  6. If you want to modify the app color – update the values for appColorR/G/B with RGB color.
  7. If you choose to, you can add a custom splash image (2nd image that will appear after the Kaltura splash image), using the splashImageUrl field.
    Be certain that the custom splash image is HTTPS , or you won’t see it. 
    The download configuration (enabled, and which quality).
    The smart banner is enabled to all accounts by default. You may want to to set this to off while testing the generic app
  8. Set the Authentication method in the Auth module in the Management Console.
    THE DEFAULT AUTHENTICATION METHOD IS SET TO NONE. If you do not change it, you will not be able to log in
  9. Go to Auth - SSLsettings - and change the setting. The minimum requirement is "Login Only". Click SAVE.

GO ahead and try it out!
Get the Kaltura Media Space GO app on the App Store, or Google Play Store and be certain that you are not downloading the legacy app.
Install, and GO!

Setup a KMS GO Podcast

A podcast is a static playlist that includes the KMS channel playlist media.  After you create a KMS web channel that includes playlists with media, the channel owner/manager may enable subscription to the channel in the KMS.

See How to Setup A KMS GO Podcast for more information.

KMS GO App Known Limitations

  1. The  'sslettings' field must be set to 'login' or 'all site' (cannot be 'none'). Set sslSettings' in the KMS admin under Auth/sslsettings. This is due to Apple's requirement.
  2. For iPad users - The app can be used on an iPad, Note: it is an iPhone app (not a Universal app) when you search for it in the store. 
  3. Authentication:
  • All authentication methods are supported, including Multi Auth.
  • For SAML authentication method - In order for the Identity Provider (IP) to clean the session on its side, you will need to configure the following settings on your MediaSpace instance SAML module:
  • logoutRedirectUrl – fill in the IP logout URL. 
  • useInternalLogoutPage – Set to 'NO'. This configuration effects whether the users will be redirected to KMS web logout page or to an external one.
  • Currently SAML module configuration is shared between KMS WEB and KMS GO. Therefore, KMS Web will be effected from this setting as well.
    For more information on SAML settings for Kaltura MediaSpace see the Kaltura MediaSpace SAML Integration Guide.

  • In Android, when configuring SSO via HTTP authentication, the user will not be able to log out after the initial log-in.
    This is due to an Android limitation.
    Work around: To log-out, the end user will either have to clear the app data via device settings, OR uninstall the app and re-install it again.
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