Kaltura Event Registration Administrator's Guide

This guide is intended for KMC and KMS administrators.

The Event Registration feature allows admins to configure a registration form that safeguards the video content to be shown only to users that have registered, be it Live or VOD. This article describes how to configure a Registration Form.

Registration forms may be configured for the following types of entries:

  • Webcast
  • Live
  • VOD
  • Quiz

The Registration Form is set up in the Kaltura Management Console as a Custom Data Schema. The schema contains the fields for the registrant to complete. 

In Kaltura MediaSpace, the Admin will select the Settings option and then the Custom Data tab. The schemas found in the Custom Data tab are essentially registration forms as long as they are configured on the user-entry option. Explanation for the user-entry will follow. Multiple registration forms can be made available per KMS instance. 

Configure the Registration Form(s) in the KMC

  1. Login to the KMC.
  2. Go to Settings and select the Custom Data tab.
  3. Click Add Custom Schema to add a schema.
  4. Enter the Custom Schema Title and a Description.
  5. Select User Entry to ensure that that the custom data schema that is created will be available in the Registration module. You may create as many registration forms as you need. 
  6. Add the custom fields. The supported field types are: Input Field, Drop List. Each field that is added has two additional configurations:
    1. Required - require the user to fill in that field and will not allow them to submit the form otherwise
    2. Hidden - hide the field from rendering in the registration form. You might want to use this option for a field you aren't sure that you want to use thus allowing you to show/hide the field on demand without the need of replacing the form
  7. The default fields for the registration form that is included in the Registration module are:
    1. First Name 
    2. Last Name
    3. State 
    4. Country
      For more information on how to add or edit custom data see Custom Data.
      The following is an example of a Custom Data Registration Form Schema:

  8. Click Save.

Activate the Kaltura Registration Feature in Kaltura MediaSpace (KMS) and Kaltura Application Framework (KAF)

Kaltura Registration is managed by KMS and KAF system administrators in the Admin area accessed from <Base_URL>/admin (e.g. https://videos.mediaspace.kaltura.com/admin)

To enable and configure the Kaltura Registration module

Configure the Kaltura Registration Module in KMS

To enable the Registration module in KMS/KAF
  1. Login to the application Configuration Management window.
  2. Scroll down and select the Registration module in the Modules/Custom/core section.
    The Registration Administration page is displayed.
  3. In the Enabled field, select Yes to enable the Registration module.
  4. Select all the forms that you would like to make available within that KMS instance from the list of Registration Forms .
  5. Select the Role(s) that are able to setup the Registration Form for an entry.
  6. Enter the mediaPlayer ID, this is the player that will play media on the registration page
  7. Click Save.
    enabledEnable, the Registration Module.
    registrationFormsSelect an available registration form for the entry.


    Choose the minimal role required to setup registration for an entry.

    mediaPlayerSelect the Media Player.

Verify that you have Activated the Kaltura Registration Feature

To verify that selected users are able to create a registration form for an entry
  1. Login to KMS.
  2. Select Edit Entry.
    The Registration Tab is displayed in the Edit Entry screen.
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