Helpful Stage Slides To Keep Your Participants Informed

Slides To Help You In Your Live Session

We designed some slides for you to use during your sessions. Feel free to download them and use them in your live sessions! Click here: Downloadable Slides.pdf

  • You can download these slides and upload them to your course content.
  • Add them to your playlist or just create a folder and play them from your course files.
  • These slides display on stage as any other shared content and are great way to keep your participants up to date regarding your live session.

Getting Started Shortly

Throw the Getting Started Shortly slide up on the stage to let your participants know that the live session will be starting momentarily.

Large Room Mode

  • When in webinar mode, your participants are not prompted to turn on their webcam and microphone.
  • If you want them to turn on their devices, then use the We Are In Large Room mode slide to let them know how.

Grab My Attention

Want your participants to be active in your session? Let them know how to grab your attention with the following slide.

Break Time

Use the Break Time slide when the session is taking a break. 

Thanks For Joining

Throw this slide up before you leave the session. This lets any stragglers know that the session is over.

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