Which background and matching theme should MediaSpace use for the header?


The option to load logo from URL - specify the URL of the logo. If URL is specified it will be used instead of logoImage (above). Default logo size is 325px wide X 41px high. Note: The width of the logo image affects the amount of space available for the Header menu. (See menu configuration below.)


An uploaded image will be displayed if the logoImageUrl field (above) is blank. The image will be displayed at its native resolution. Note: the size of the logo image affects the layout of the page. Default logo size is 325px wide x 41px high. (Upload does not support IE 11 or earlier).


The 'logoAltText' options are: [1] If you insert an image file in the 'logoImage' field, you may enter alternate text for the tag's 'alt' attribute; [2] If you enter 'false' or an empty string in the 'logoImage' field, you must enter text for the page header.


The options for defining the behavior when a user clicks the logo are: [1] Enter 'false' if you do not want the logo to be clickable; [2] Enter 'home' to display the home page (displayed when MediaSpace opens); [3] Enter a full URL (starting with http://) to open a different page in a new browser window/tab.


Enable or Disable the 'Add New' button in the site's header

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