Enterprise Content Delivery Network eCDN Overview

Kaltura eCDN is an internal Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution that is deployed inside your infrastructure behind the firewall. It is comprised of two components, the Kaltura Edge Server (KES) and the Kaltura Streaming Server (KSS). Kaltura eCDN is supported for both the Kaltura SaaS platform as well as Kaltura OnPrem™ installations.

Ensuring that each viewer in the various locations receives smooth play back without buffering or interruptions is a critical part of Kaltura’s Webcasting solution. With eCDN nodes deployed locally, you can ensure reliable delivery without overloading the network.

During the event you can monitor the eCDN node and view metrics for the specific node.

You can also view the quality of delivery and track any issue related to specific locations, users or devices.

After the event has ended the VOD will be available in the video portal on the same link as the live event.


All of Kaltura’s video editing enrichment and sharing capabilities can be used to create a recording that will be watched over and over.

Kaltura provides a single solution for all your Webcasting needs. From live cloud transcoding to automatic reporting, the VOD will be available to viewers immediately on the same link as the live event.

From platform to delivery Kaltura provides user management integrations dual delivery and monitoring to ensure your network is broadcast ready.



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