Kaltura eCDN Information Guide

Overview of the Kaltura eCDN

The Kaltura eCDN is an out-of-the-box solution for scalable and secure delivery of live and on-demand video content behind the firewall. 

As video usage increases, Kaltura eCDN streaming and caching capabilities effectively stream high quality video to an unlimited number of users, in any number of remote sites, to any device, without any impact on the corporate’s WAN/LAN networks. Whether it is the CEO speech, a training session, a campus event or User-Generated Content videos (UGC) it is possible to reliably and securely broadcast a live event in unicast mode as well as deliver on-demand videos to an internal audience.  

Kaltura eCDN is always installed on premise and can work fully on premise alongside Kaltura’s OnPrem™ Video Management solution or as a Hybrid model alongside Kaltura SaaS. 

The Kaltura eCDN’s main components are: 

  • Kaltura Streaming Server (KSS) – based on the Wowza streaming server. Responsible for getting the stream from the encoder, segmenting it, packaging it, translating it to multiple bitrates on-the-fly, delivering it in several possible formats (HDS, HLS, etc.) and more. This component is the content origin and usually resides in the customer’s Data Center. 
  • Kaltura Edge Server (KES) – based on Nginx. A component that helps content be accessible wherever users are (remote sites as well the Headquarters/data-center, near the streaming server). Helps cache popular content for VOD and HTTP-based live (HDS/HLS), supports pre-positioning of content. Similar to CDN POP (node/edge). Purge scheduling is configured on the edge itself.

Installing the Kaltura Streaming Server 

The Kaltura eCDN is based on Wowza Streaming Engine build 10425 with jar file version KalturaWowzaServer-

Contact your account manager for installation instructions.

Known Issues and Workarounds

Problem: Kaltura Streaming Server  acts as VOD remote storage as well

The live recording redirect (which uses the same URL for live and VOD) is broken. Since Wowza does not support HTTP Progressive Download, and the VOD redirect is HTTP by default for the streamerType, an error is displayed, and the entry does not play. 


Manually change the flashvars[streamerType] to RTMP.

Problem: A Wowza type remote storage URL is unavailable.

A Wowza type remote storage URL is not available on the Kaltura Admin Console Remote Storage creation page. 


Please contact your account manager to resolve this problem.

Problem: Kaltura Streaming Server (Wowza based) does not support HTTP Progressive Download. 


Connect a load balancer and redirect the progressive download request to a local Apache server, or deliver the progressive download directly from the Kaltura server

Problem: The local Kaltura Streaming Server (Wowza) cannot be used for recording when in a hybrid configuration.

The limitation is that it needs the Wowza storage to be local to the API servers.


Have the webcam work with a SaaS based Wowza and Storage (on Kaltura Cloud)

Latest Wowza version is Wowza Streaming Engine™ 4.6.0 build 19395


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