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Customize the Look and Feel of a KMS or KAF Entry

The display for Kaltura MediaSpace (KMS) and Kaltura Application Framework (KAF) entries may be customized. Each entry may have its own look and feel based on the administrator's configuration settings as well as the content owner's settings. The Entrydesign module is used to change the elements of the UI for a specific entry and provides a great amount of flexibility to change and customize the display of your content.

There are various UI elements that you can customize by toggling them on or off in the Entrydesign module. The admin settings for the allowedElements field determine what elements content owners and co-editors will be able to customize for each entry. Note the admin settings are set globally for the instance, however, content owners and co-editors will be able to customize the display for one entry at a time.

Activating the Entrydesign Module in Kaltura MediaSpace

The Entrydesign module is managed by KMS system administrators in the Admin area accessed from <Base_URL>/admin. If you do not see the Entrydesign module, contact your account manager.

The following tasks are described:

Configure the Entrydesign Module in KMS

The configuration page dedicated to Entrydesign is accessed from the Configuration Management page from the menu on the right under the category modulesCustom/core sub-category Entrydesign.

To configure the Entrydesign module in KMS Admin Console
  1. Login to KMS Admin Console and go to the Configuration Management window.
  2. Scroll down and click the Entrydesign module in the Modules section.
    The Entrydesign Administration page is displayed.
  3. In the Enabled field, select Yes to enable the Entrydesign module.
  4. Select or enter values for the relevant fields and click Save.




    Enable the Entrydesign module.


    Roles or specific users that are allowed to design entries.


    Fill in the player ID and the player display name you want to allow users to use in the entry page. If left blank, the site’s default player is used.

    +Add “Players”


    Enter the Player Display Name.


    Enter the Player ID.


    Select an entry type from the drop down menu.

    showEmbedPlayerOptionSelect the EntryDesign players behavior with the Embed and default players. Select 'User Selects' to show a new button for the users called 'Set as Embed Player' next to the player selection.


    Which elements should be customizable in the entry page display.


    Set to yes to allow the entry owner to use CSS to change the look and feel of the page.


    Set to yes to allow the entry owner to set a new logo for KMS when viewing the entry.

    showLastArchivedSelect 'Yes' to allow live entry owner to change the default settings of showing a link to the last archived video on top of the live page.
To set the Entrydesign configuration
  1. Define who are the users allowed to use this feature from the entryDesignRole
  2. You can select a customized player for the entry by clicking Add Player. To allow the users to select different player, login to the KMC studio and grab the desired player's ID from there.
    Since there are different type of entries, make sure the player contains the relevant plugins to support the entry (e.g. quiz plugin).
  3. Uncheck the UI elements that you do not want content owners or co-editors to be able to customize.

    1. Header – The Header includes the entire bar on the top of the KMS/KAF screen. If a user decides to remove it, it will also remove the logo, and all other links.
    2. Header logo – The KMS/KAF main logo on the top left of KMS/KAF screen.
    3. Sidebar – The sidebar refers to the bar to the right of the player. Depending on your KMS/KAF settings, you may or may not have a sidebar, related media, or a playlist chosen by the admin. 
    4. Entry properties – The properties are right below the player, containing the entry’s name, owner, and 3 counter icons for views, comments and likes.
    5. Entry tab – Below the properties tab, the entry tab includes the Details, Share, Attachments and other tabs that are configured for the entry.
    6. Comments – The comment section, if enabled in your KMS/KAF.
    7. Footer – The KMS/KAF footer.
  4. Choose if you want to allow users the add their own CSS to the page using the allowCSS field
  5. Choose if you want to allow the users to change the KMS/KAF logo using the allowLogoChange field.

Verify that you have Activated the Kaltura Entrydesign Module

Be certain that you have included yourself in the permissions to verify that the module is enabled.
To verify that you can customize an entry page
  1. Login to KMS or KAF.
  2. Navigate to My Media.
  3. Select an entry and click the Edit icon or select Edit from the Actions drop down menu.
    'Display' is one of the Editing tabs.

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