Creating and Using Topics for Channels for KMS and KAF

KMS and KAF offer the capability to associate channels to topics.

For the KMS/KAF Admin

Create a Custom Schema in the KMC

Channel topics for KMS and KAF are created in the KMC by creating a Custom Data schema.

To create a schema for channel topics

  1. Login to the KMC.
  2. Select Settings > Custom Data>Add Custom Schema.

    The Add Custom Schema window is displayed. 
  3. Enter the Custom Schema Title.
  4. Toggle on Categories and click Add Custom Field. The Add Custom Field window is displayed.
  5. Set the Field Type to Text Select List.
  6. In the List Value Section, fill in the topics you would like to filter KMS by.
  7. For the Max No. of Values toggle Single to allow one topic only or Unlimited r to allow more than one topic per channel.
  8. In the Field Label enter an intuitive name for the Topics. For example, “Topics” or “Departments”.
  9. Toggle Searchable on.
  10. Click Add.
    The Custom Schema appears in the Schema list.


To modify fields in the schema

  1. In the Custom Schema table, click on the Custom Schema Title, or check the box next to the schema and select Edit from the dropdown menu.
  2. Click on the Field Label to edit the fields.
  3. Click Save.

Configure Topics in the channelTopics module

How to Configure Topics in the channelTopics module

  1. Enable the Channeltopics module in the KMS Admin

  2. Select the profileID from the list of schemas you created in the KMC.

    In the example in this article, the schema name is Topics for KMS. After you select the profileID for the Schema the topicField is automatically populated with the list of predefined topics from your schema. 
    The example topics are:


  3. Select where and whether you want the filtering by topics to appear.] Thed optiond are:

    Available – The Topics filter is available on the “My Channels” and “All Channels” pages

    In My Channels only – The Topicsfilter is only available on the “My Channels” page and not on the “All Channels” page.

    Not Available –The Topics filter is hidden.

  4. Click Save.

For KMS/KAF Users

Adding a Topic to a Channel

To add a topic to a channel

  1. Edit a channel and navigate to the Topics field. If you are creating a new channel, navigate to the topics field.
  2. Select a topic to associate to the channel.
    Depending on your system administrator’s configuration, you may be able to add more than one topic to a channel.

Using the Topic Filter

  1. Go to My Channels page and click Filters.
  2. Select the topic you want to filter by.

  3. in the All Channels page select Filters and then select the topic to filter by.



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