Collecting Support Logs within Kaltura Applications

Users can collect support logs within Kaltura applications (KMS/KAF), without using any external tools or the browsers' developer tools. 

  1. Navigate to the link <app-root-url>/start-record.
  2. The app starts collecting the logs and the following message displays:
    "Log collection started. Please proceed to reproduce the issue and when completed, navigate to <app-root-url>/end-record"
  3. Reproduce your issue.
  4. Please note and provide the timeline of events that led up to the error string. 
  5. When complete, navigate to <app-root-url>/end-record.
    The following message displays:
    "Log collection ended. Please copy the session data as follows and send it to the Customer Care Team" along with the timeline of events.

Note: When a log is required from a Learning Portal/LMS integration, the URL to use must be the KAF URL and not the LMS's. For example, do not use, but

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