The URL of the service for API calls. Modify the URL if you use the Kaltura On-Prem Edition. Note the URL's prefix must be http:// or https://.


The CDN regular URL Used for Player and html5lib. Leave empty for default.

You can change the Kaltura Server CDN URL used by the Kaltura HTML5 player and player embeds. The default value is To update your CDN URL, add the URL in this field.

Note: When configuring a KMS site to HTTPS, also change the CDN URL to


The CDN secured URL. Used for Player and html5lib. Leave empty for default.


Copy your Kaltura account's Partner ID from the Kaltura Management Console (KMC): KMC->Settings->Integration Settings.


Copy your Kaltura account's user secret from KMC->Settings->Integration Settings  Kaltura uses your user secret to create secure sessions to access the Kaltura API.


Copy your Kaltura account's administrator secret from KMC->Settings->Integration Settings. KAF uses your administrator secret when you need an 'admin' session, which allows more actions than a user secret session.


Set to No, if you want to use SSL with a self-signed certificate.


Configure proxy settings if the HTTP communication from the MediaSpace server to Kaltura server has to go through a proxy.

hostProxy server hostname or IP
portPort through which the communication with the proxy is going through
usernameOPTIONAL - proxy username if the proxy server requires authentication
passwordOPTIONAL - proxy password if the proxy server requires authentication
typeType of web proxy.
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