Channel/Media Gallery Playlist Feature Description

The Channel Playlist feature allows Channel/Media Gallery Managers to curate, organize, and improve displayed featured content in their channels.

For the Channel/Media Gallery Manager

The Channel/Media Gallery manager can create, edit, modify the order of playlists, and grab embed codes for channel playlists using the Playlists tab.

See Create and Add Media to a Playlist and Manage Playlists.

For the Viewer

A dedicated tab displays all the available playlists in the Channel/Media Gallery. The default tab name is 'Home' and is configurable by your Administrator. Playlists serve different purposes in different contexts, e.g. "Lesson Plan", "Campaign Highlights", "Leaderboard" etc. Following is an example of a channel called "Achieve Your Goals" that contains several playlists.

  • Clicking on one of the Channel Playlist names or thumbnails opens the Playlist Playback page.

The Playlist Playback page allows users to watch media in the playlist one by one. For more information, see Accessing Playlists.

For the Application Admin

KMS/KAF admins can enable the Channel Playlists feature in the channelPlaylists module. You can also determine the name of the tab that appears in the Channel/Media Gallery in this module. The default name is 'Home'.

After the channelPlaylists module is configured, a new tab displays all the available playlists in the Channel/Media Gallery.

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