Basic Health Check


This training session is intended for administrators and will include a basic health check of the account's configuration, analytics, and workflows, as well as best practices for optimizing your use of Kaltura products and matching the Kaltura solution to your use cases. 
This service can be chosen for any product and is recommended for Kaltura Customers from the 2nd year onwards. 


  • Review the admin page/s setting.
  • Understand the administrator's capabilities in the Kaltura Management Console.
  • Learn how to extract quick analytics to make sense of your data.
  • Explore new Kaltura features to ensure you are leveraging these throughout the year. 
  • Go over your day-to-day workflow and see how it can be improved!




Greeting/ Introduction 

KMS/KAF admin page

Explore the main modules and functions on your MediaSpace/ KAF applications admin pages. Such as: 

  • Managing the editing and deleting policy for your published content.
  • Player features.
  • Shared repository.
  • Hotspots.

Kaltura Management Console

Explore the administrator's main capabilities and setting. Such as:

  • Content tab
  • Studio tab
  • Custom Data
  • Services Dashboard (Managing captioning & translation services)

Kaltura Analytics

Get a snapshot of your video's performance over a given period.  Including:

  • Entry analytics
  • Playlist analytics
  • Category analytics

Review current workflow and discuss the best practices.

  • KMS taxonomy overview.
  • Channel association.
  • Channel playlist. 
  • Entry Design

Explore new features and video tools.

  • Interactive Video Paths.
  • Registration. 
  • Kaltura Video Integrations.
  • Pitch.
  • Help Page.
Getting Help / Questions 


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