Kaltura Video Tool for Blackboard Ultra Dual Course Mode Deployment Architecture


Blackboard Ultra is first initiated by Blackboard on the Blackboard Learn's SaaS environment with a flip of a switch that changes the way the site navigation is presented to a user.  This is referred to as the Blackboard Ultra experience, and displays the navigation on the left pane, also known as the "Blackboard Ultra Base Navigation", or "Blackboard Learn with the Ultra Experience".
The significant changes for the Kaltura Blackboard Ultra experience are in the Course and Tools Tab.

When the Blackboard environment is switched to the Blackboard Ultra experience, there is a choice of two course experiences.

  • Blackboard Ultra Original Course View Course Experience
  • Blackboard Ultra Ultra Course View Course Experience


Workflows described are not self-serve and require Kaltura assistance.

If you are implementing the Blackboard Ultra environment from the ground up and intend to use Blackboard Ultra Course View courses only, please refer to the prerequisites section of the Kaltura Video Tool for Blackboard Ultra Deployment Guide.

If you are upgrading  from Blackboard Learn to Blackboard Ultra, and your intentions are to use Blackboard Ultra only, for all cases, the system must be implemented as the dual course mode environment and instructions for the Blackboard Ultra Dual Mode Environment Deployment should be followed.

Before You Begin

You should have:

  • Partner ID + Administrator Secret
  • Latest version of Kaltura building block (B2) is installed.
  • A KAF instance of type “Blackboard”
  • A KAF instance of type "BlackboardUltra"

Blackboard Ultra Original Course View (OCV) Course Experience

The Original Course View closely mirrors the course experience in Blackboard Learn 9.1. It contains many of the advanced tools and workflows that instructors may be comfortable using.  

Original Course View courses are labeled as such on the course page.

Blackboard Ultra View Course Experience

The Ultra Course View is a simpler and more modern course experience for instructors and students. 

Ultra Course View courses are not labeled as such on the course page.


Application Error

Issue: The user is receiving an Application Error message when they click on the My Media tool.

Resolution: In the Blackboard Ultra instance, go to the Administrator Panel > REST API Integration.   Make sure that the "Kaltura For Blackboard" integration has been added.

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