Adding Call-To-Action Buttons to a Video Player

A call to action button appears at the end of playback and is used to increase engagement by recommending actions that can be taken after viewing the video. 

The following are custom skin Call-To-Action buttons without related videos.

The following are default skin Call-To-Action buttons with related videos.  

  1. For each player you want to add Call-To-Actions buttons, decide the following:
    1. If you want 1 or 2 buttons
    2. If you want the Call-To-Actions with related videos or without
    3. For each button:
      1. The ID of the button (for reporting)
      2. The label
      3. The URL
    4. If you want to allow overriding the buttons for specific videos via metadata.
    5. Optional style rules like font and colors.
  2. Send this information to your Kaltura representative for implementation.
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