Troubleshooting and Additional Information on Wochit

This article describes troubleshooting and additional information that will assist you while using Wochit. 

Is it possible to change my branding/bug or custom fonts?

Yes. Please submit this request to your Wochit Video Strategist. If you do not know who your Wochit Video Strategist is, please speak to your Wochit point of contact.

What are the supported file types and sizes in Wochit?

Images: jpeg, png, and gif
Video: mp4 and mov
Audio: mp3, wav, and m4a
Maximum size/length: Up to 30 minutes and 1 GB, but for maximum output quality, it is recommended to keep your videos under 7 minutes.

Are there any asset size restrictions?

Uploading any assets higher than 3G is not recommended.

What is the default production format?

By default, your video is produced in .mp4 format.

I've noticed a mistake in my produced video. Can I change it?

After a video is produced, there is no way to change it. You may, however, duplicate the video to create a draft version. You can make desired edits to this draft version and re-produce the video. 

I am having trouble finding the videos and images I need in the Wochit gallery. Any tips?
  • Switch between "Editorial" and "Creative" and "My Library" to be sure you search all libraries. 
  • If you are looking for recent assets, change sort from "Relevance" to "Recency" and new assets will display.
  • Use quotation marks to force the search to be on your complete search phrase.
  • If your phrase consists of several words, use a portion of your phrase to extend the result set. Wochit assists you by showing contextually relevant phrases, helping you to narrow down the result set. Note this is applicable only to "Editorial".
How can I find a specific tweet?

Wochit's agreement with Twitter provides access to tweets up to 10 days prior. Click the "Options" link in the search bar for additional tips on searching Twitter. 

How can I contact Wochit support?

Contact Support at 

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