What is the difference between Moodle Assignment and Kaltura Media Assignment?

The Moodle Assignment activity allows students to submit different types of assignments to their teachers for grading (e.g. uploading a document, writing text, embedded videos, html content, etc.).
Using the Moodle Assignment workflow interface with the Kaltura Plugin enables teachers to create an video assignment - asking the students to embed a Kaltura Media via the Rich Text Editor. After submitting a Moodle assignment the content owner/s may edit or modify the content of the assignment.
For more information, please see Adding Kaltura Media via the Rich Text Editor in Moodle.

The Kaltura Media Assignment activity is a dedicated Kaltura tool that allows students to submit Kaltura media to their teachers for grading. No other type of of submission can be handed, only Kaltura media. 

If the submission flow is turned on, the workflow prevents embedded video submissions from being edited or deleted across the board. The owner is no longer able to modify the embedded content. For more information, please see Submission Workflow Admin Guide for the LMS Video Assignments to make sure this feature is turned on (Clone Submission field).

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