What Is An On-Demand (aka Self Paced) Course?

With Kaltura Meetings, you can deliver course content on-demand for your learners to go through on their own time and at their own pace.
On-Demand courses are made up of various content items such as videos, class recordings, PDFs and presentations that each learner can proceed through at their own speed.

Instead of a learner having to join and review material at a specific time, they can go through the course content when it is convenient for them.

On-Demand courses have grown in popularity as more and more organizations shift their educational programs from the classroom to the internet.

With the addition of Kaltura on-demand courses, educators and learners get the best of both worlds by having live, synchronous instructor /room manager led training blended with self-paced learning. This creates a full cycle learning program.

You are able to provide additional learning opportunities before and after the live class. This creates more successful outcomes for your learners.

You can utilize on-demand courses in a number ways:

  • Compliment the live class. Instructors/Room Managers share valuable content during a live class. Enable learners to come back and review course content on their own time.
  • Participants can catch up. With the self-paced course, you can provide a space for participants that missed classes to catch up by enabling them to review class recordings and other valuable course content.
  • Study before and after class. By providing course content for participants to review on their own time, you are providing additional opportunities for greater successful outcomes to your training initiatives.
  • Self-paced only. Use the live room to record your lessons then utilize the Kaltura self-paced course as your course delivery platform.

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