Can I change settings during the webcast event?

03/18/2020Jennifer Harris
Some of the settings are able to be changed during the broadcast, and some are not. For example, you may not change the recording capability to ON/OFF during the webcast event.

Can we change the video or the slides after the webcast event?

03/18/2020Jennifer Harris
After the webcast event is over, you may not use the " Replace Media " feature to replace the video stream as a whole. Note that this will override the original recording and the slides as well (if available). To upload/edit/delete slides ...

Can we restrict users to choose their screen display?

03/18/2020Jennifer Harris
Please note that during the webcast event, the presenter can choose what is displayed on the main screen (stage tab) in real-time; the presenter has the power to rotate between the screen, camera, and slides during the live event.  However, yo...

Can I Hear the Audio of a Video When Using Screen Sharing in Webcasting?

03/18/2020Jennifer Harris
No. Currently, when using the Webcasting app to play a video via screen sharing the system audio can't be shared.

Where are the poll questions stored?

03/18/2020Jennifer Harris
Polls questions can be found in the webcasting app itself by clicking on the Settings icon. For more information, see Kaltura Webcasting Polls . Note that the poll questions are available during and after the webcast event and as long the event w...

Can I use Zoom meetings as a video conference client?

03/18/2020Jennifer Harris
Yes, Kaltura video conference integration can support Zoom. Please see Kaltura Video Integration with Zoom for additional information. ...

What are the differences between Kaltura's live solutions?

11/17/2020Tal Binder
Kaltura offers a wide range of live and Real-Time Communication solutions, each is designed to meet the needs of a different live streaming demand, giving you the flexibility to choose the best solution for you and your organization. For more inform...