Can I change settings during the webcast event?
Some of the settings are able to be changed during the broadcast, and some are not. For example, you may not change the recording capability to ON/OFF during the webcast event.
Can we change the video or the slides after the webcast event?
After the webcast event is over, you may not use the " Replace Media " feature to replace the video stream as a whole. Note that this will override the original recording and the slides as well (if available). To upload/edit/delete slides ...
Can we restrict users to choose their screen display?
Please note that during the webcast event, the presenter can choose what is displayed on the main screen (stage tab) in real-time; the presenter has the power to rotate between the screen, camera, and slides during the live event.  However, yo...
Can I Hear the Audio of a Video When Using Screen Sharing?
No. Currently, when using the Webcasting app to play a video via screen sharing the system audio can't be shared.
Where are the poll questions stored?
Polls questions can be found in the webcasting app itself by clicking on the Settings icon. For more information, see Kaltura Webcasting Polls . Note that the poll questions are available during and after the webcast event and as long the event w...
Can I use Zoom meetings as a video conference client?
Yes, Kaltura video conference integration can support Zoom. Please see Kaltura Video Integration with Zoom for additional information. ...