Virtual Events Chat & Collaboration Moderators Training Exercise

Let's Practice

Login to your event platform site.  

Navigate to the moderator’s view. You can either use a direct link or navigate through the platform. Click on the chat widget, from the vertical ellipsis on the top right corner select Moderators.   

1. Select pending messages 

  • Under the My Groups tab, click on one group name. 

  • Navigate to the Pending tab. 

  • Review pending messages, click on the plus icon to add messages to your personal assignment.  

  • Click on quick reply to stat answering immediately. 


2. Return message to pending 

  • From the My Messages tab select an ongoing conversation. 

  • Click on the vertical ellipsis, select pending. 


3. Clear message from your personal assignment 

  • From the My Messages tab select an ongoing conversation. 

  • Once finish answering, mark the conversation as resolved:     

  • Mark the resolved checkbox, top right corner of the chat window or click on the vertical ellipsis menu of the conversation, select resolved. 

  • Once the conversation moved to resolved conversations area, Or click on the vertical ellipsis, select clear. 

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