Using Kaltura Classroom with Authentication Settings

Your system administrator may set the Authentication feature for you to use Kaltura Classroom.

If authentication settings are enabled, the Sign in option is displayed on your home page.

To Authenticate

  • Click Sign in or click on the sign in icon.

    You will be prompted to enter your User name and Password for your KMS site.

If you click the red button without signing in, you will be prompted to sign in to continue.

To Log out

  • After you complete your recordings, please log out by clicking on your user name or on the sign out icon.

For Ad hoc Recordings - All actions that pertain to ad hoc recordings require a sign in if authentication is enabled. 

For Scheduled Recordings - If authentication is enabled and there are scheduled recordings, the recordings should start automatically. All actions on scheduled recordings require authenticiation, for example, Pause, Cancel, or Stop.

Automatic Logout Idle Time

After 15 minutes of idle time, a signed in user is automatically logged out. Your system administrator is resposnsible to the idle time configuration.

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