Connecting as Participants or Students

This article describes the steps a student or participant should take to connect in to a Kaltura Live Room successfully.

Preparing to Enter Kaltura

Before a student or participant enters a Kaltura Live Room before their live class, they should:
  1. Perform a Quick Tech Check. This allows a student to make sure they have the best experience possible in Kaltura. Their browser, operating system, webcam & microphone, and internet connection is tested.
  2. Go to Kaltura Live Room System Requirements if the student fails the test to ensure they are using a computer, device or smartphone that meets the basic requirements to successfully run the Kaltura Live Room. 
  3. Free up CPU. It is a good idea to close any unnecessary applications or webpages.  

Make Sure Settings are Correct

When you enter a session for the first time, you must:
  1. Click Activate to connect your webcam/mic. Activate Your Webcam & Microphone
  2. Check your device settings.  Make sure the correct webcam, microphone and audio output options are selected. If you do not see your devices, try unplugging them and plug them back in, and refresh your browser. See Manage Your Device Settings.  
  3. If your device still cannot be found:
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