Setting Up a Custom Object for Video Engagement Data

To setup a custom object for the video engagement data in Eloqua

  1. On the upper control bar of Eloqu, click Contacts then click Custom Objects.
  2. Click Custom Object and select New Custom Object.
  3. In the Custom Object definition, give the custom object Display Name an intuitive name, for example, "Kaltura Video Engagement". 
  4. Set the default entity mapping to: 
    1. Entity Type: Contacts
    2. Entity Field: Email Address
  5. Click Next.
  6. Click Custom Object Record Fields and select Add New Field.
  7. Add the following fields:

Field Name

Field Type

Entry ID


Entry nameText
Entry tagsText
Entry Reference IDText
Player IDNumber
Playback date and timeDate/Time
Playback Session IDText
View time durationText
View time percentageNumber
Clicked CTAsText
Data collectedText
Continued to related videoText
Referring videoText
Page URLText
External IDText
Kaltura unique IDText
Email addressText

8. In the Custom Object definition screen, set the following mapping:

a. Unique Code Field to Kaltura Unique ID

b. Email Address Field to Email Address

9. Click Save. 

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