Set Chat Settings

You can decide the chat settings of your live room before participants arrive.  Four chats are available in the live room:

  • Group chat, which allows all participants in the room to speak to everyone. 
  • Questions chat, which allows participants to chat or submit questions to the instructor/room manager privately without other participants seeing it.
  • 1:1 chat, which allows any participant to write any other participant privately.
  • Moderator chat, which allows Instructors or Moderators to chat privately, without participants seeing it.  

Set Chat Permissions

Before your live session begins, you can decide which Chat Settings will be accessible.
  1. Click the Settings gear ⚙️ in the upper bar of the live room.
  2. Click Chat Settings tab
  3. Choose which chat permission you want all participants to have:
    1. Group Chat
    2. Questions Chat
    3. 1:1 Chat

Clear Chat History

Chat is accessible to every participant in the room if you allow it. When first entering the room, participants see up to the last 20 messages in the chat. Instructors/Moderators can clear chat history at the end of a session - this does not delete records from analytics, but only clears messages from being displayed in the room.

  1. Click Settings gear ⚙️in the upper bar of the live room
  2. Click the Chat Settings tab 
  3. Click the Clear Chat button

Set Chat Notifications

Set the chat notification preferences. This will enable browser notifications when new messages are received. 

  1. Click Chat Notifications box to enable browser notifications when new messages are received. 

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