September 2017 Release Notes - Blackboard Learn

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Version 5.0.62 and (SaaS)

These release notes pertain to the Kaltura Video Building Block 5 for Blackboard Learn 9.x, released September 11, 2017, build 5.0.62, minimum KAF version 5.64.03, supporting the Blackboard self-hosted and managed-hosting.

The Kaltura Video Building Block supports the following service packs:

  • Blackboard Learn self-hosted and managed-hosting (v5.0.62) -  Q2 2016 release, Q4 2016 release, and release Q2 2017.
  • Blackboard Learn SaaS in the classic Learn experience (v5.1.0.62).

New Feature

This version introduces the following items:

long awaited feature that allows you to modify the grades type to values other than 1-100 for the In Video Quiz with the Blackboard Grade Book integration. 





Added support for different grading types in the IVQ to BlackBoard Grade Book integration.

Known Issues




When using the Mashup tool to add a Kaltura video, users cannot add attachments. This issue is caused due to some deprecated classes on that page.

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