May 2018 Release Notes - Sakai

In this document you will find all the release notes pertaining Kaltura Video Tool for Sakai. (Link to download)

This release is based on the Kaltura Application Framework (KAF). We recommend that you read the updated Kaltura Video Tool for Sakai documentation.

If you are currently using a previous version of this tool, please contact your Kaltura representative to discuss an upgrade.

  • Gradebook Integration for  Video Quizzes (VQ) (SAK-134) –  Kaltura  Video Quiz may now be integrated with Sakai. When  a user takes a Kaltura quiz, the results will automatically be displayed in the Sakai site’s gradebook . For additional information about the VQ Gradebook integration with Sakai see here.  For admin setup, see the Interactive Video Quiz Sakai Gradebook Integration Deployment Guide.
  • Responsive Player via BSE (SAK-133) – When using the Kaltura button in the HTML editor, the Kaltura video will be embedded in a responsive iFrame. We recommend that you upgrade your BSE player (and other Sakai players) to the latest version via the KMC Universal Studio.

Resolved Issues




The CKEditor fails to load if it's in a forum embedded in a lesson.


Sakai does not load the player into a DropBox HTML page.

Known Issues & Limitations




Full screen is not working for Gradebook videos in the lessons. This is due to the Sakai iFrame missing properties for the LTI iframes.(resolved in SAK-29690)


After using the VQ with the Gradebook in the site’s lessons, the title cannot be changed. This is a limitation in Sakai and resolved on Sakai 11.4.


When site admin changes the VQ total score in the Gradebook, only new results will be affected, and the submitted score will not change. This is a Sakai limitation.

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