Kaltura Video Quiz Sakai Gradebook Integration Deployment Guide

This guide describes how to deploy the Kaltura Video Quiz Sakai Gradebook Integration.

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This guide is for Sakai and Kaltura administrators that intend to integrate the Video Quiz (VQ)  feature with the Sakai Gradebook.


  • Sakai supported version: 11.4
  • Kaltura Partner ID and Secret
  • Kaltura Video Extension should be installed on your Sakai environment.

    For example, a KAF instance URL such as 123456.kaf.kaltura.com. The KAF should have the Ltigrading  module available and enabled. If you cannot locate the module in the KAF instance, please ask your Kaltura representative to add it.

Kaltura Video Quiz Sakai Gradebook Integration Deployment Instructions

The new extension comes with the Gradebook feature built-in.

To deploy the Video Quiz Sakai Gradebook Integration

For Kaltura Admins:

  1. In your KAF admin, go to the module "Ltigrading".
  2. Enable the module and then click Save.

For Sakai Admins:

The setup is done using Sakai’s ‘External Tools’ and can be setup for all Sakai sites or for specific site for tests.

  1. Login to Sakai, and navigate to the Administration Workspace.
  2. Select the ‘External Tools’ tab from the left menu.
    external tools
  3. Click on the ‘Install LTI 1.1 Tool’ link on the top right.
    install lti 1.1 tool
  4. Fill in the following fields:



    Site Id 

    Leave blank to make tool available in all sites.

    Tool Title

    Fill in a name for the tool.

    Allow tool title to be changed


    Button Text

    Fill in a name.

    Tool Status


    Tool Visibility


    Launch URL

    Fill in the following URL: https://your_KAF_URL/browseandembed/index/browseandembed?type=quiz }

    Allow launch URL to be changed


    Launch Key

    Fill in the Kaltura Partner ID.

    Allow launch key to be changed

    Do not allow

    Launch Secret

    Fill in the Kaltura Secret.

    Allow launch secret to be changed

    Do not allow.

    Privacy Settings:


    Send User Names to External Tool


    Send Email Addresses to External Tool 




    Allow External Tool to return grades 


    Allow external tool to configure itself


    Launch in Popup -

    Allow popup to be changed.

    Debug Launch

    Never launch in debug mode.

  5. Click Save.
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