Mobile Autoplay Support on the Kaltura Player

The Kaltura Player enables the implementation of autoplay on mobile web devices.

Supported Operating Systems/Browsers

Autoplay on mobile web is supported on Safari on iOS10+ and Chrome on Android 5+.

Using Playback on Mobile Devices

Playback will begin muted and the sound will be turned on upon any user interaction.


To configure the Player to start playback on mobile devices:

  1. Add the following flashvar:
    On Android :- "mobileAutoPlay": true
    On iOS 10 - "mobileAutoPlay": true
  2. Next, verify that "EmbedPlayer.WebKitPlaysInline":is set to true,

Note: Autoplay on the Web Player is configurable via the Universal Studio; however, this has no relation to the mobile web autoplay feature. This is enabled through the Basic Display -> Automatically play video on page load option. Refer to the Universal Studio Guide for details.


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