Where is the Live Room recording saved?
Recordings of personal rooms are saved in each person’s My Media. Recordings from channel rooms are also automatically published to the channel.
Who can open a channel room?
The channel/course manager/owner must access the Live Room in order for the room to be open. If a member tries to open the room, they’ll receive a message saying the instructor needs to join.
Is Kaltura Meeting available in KMS/KAF
Yes, it is available both in KAF and KMS. Users can launch a virtual classroom from the LMS Media Gallery.
What is supported in KAF?
When enabled, the Live Room may be launched from the Media Gallery in KAF that is launched from a course in the LMS. Only course rooms are supported via KAF (no personal rooms).
How can I start a video conference from KMS?
There are two options: Launch your personal room – Click on the username drop down and select “Live Room”. Channel/course room – Click on the Media Tab in the channel. On the top right corner of the tab click to launch the...
How is entitlement maintained?
Users can force sign in or they can allow access to the Live Room - both channel rooms and personal rooms - via a direct link without the need to sign into KMS. By default, KMS users (managers in the channel, or personal room owners) have the abili...