Kaltura Video Quiz: Localization

This article describes how to change the player's Video Quiz language and texts.


Access to the Kaltura Managment Console and admin permissions to KMS/KAF.

Changing the IVQ Text String Languge

Video Quiz (VQ) text strings are translated to all supported KMS languages by default.  See What are the supported KMC, KMS & KAF languages?

Changing KMS or KAF(through the LMS) default language will automatically change the VQ player language as well.

Changes to the default language may be made on the Kaltura Player in the Universal Studio. 

To Change the VQ Language

  1. Login to the KMC and select the Studio tab. 
  2. In the Plugins sections, select  "Strings”.

The language change is done per player and not per quiz entry, so make sure you edit the right player in the KMC. To find the right player ID for the quiz, go to the KMS/KAF administration page and search for “quizPlayerId” in the top left search bar. 


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To change a specific string

  1. In KMC, go to the Universal Studio tab.
  2. Find and select a quiz player.
  3. Go to Strings section under Plugins, where you will see a key and value.
  4. For each key listed in the Quiz local page on github, you can place a new value. 
  5. Save the Player Settings.

Example of Changing the Welcome message in the quiz

Setting the following “key=value”, will change the default “Welcome” message:

mwe-quiz-welcome = Ladies & Gentlemen



The quiz may be translated to other languages. You can change the strings of existing languages, or add your own translation to missing languages by entering the language code in from of the string.

In the example presented here - we will be changing the 'Welcome' message in the Spanish (es) language.

Example of Changing the Welcome message in the quiz for Spanish

Setting the following “language.key=value”, will change the default “Welcome” message in Spanish - which is set by default to “Bienvenido” - to "Damas Y Caballeros"

es.mwe-quiz-welcome = Damas Y Caballeros

You can Preview your Changes.


Be certain to Save the Player Settings.

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