Kaltura Video Integration with Zoom Administrator Guide

The Kaltura-Zoom integration allows you to automatically transfer all Zoom cloud recordings to Kaltura, for archiving, transcription and compliance. 

See the Kaltura Video Integration with Zoom Setup Guide for configuration settings and information.


  • A paid Zoom Account
  • Access to Cloud Recording
  • A Kaltura Account

Installing the Zoom Video plugin for the Kaltura Zoom Integration

The Zoom Plugin for Kaltura is an account-level application. All the recordings created by Zoom users under the configured account will be uploaded to Kaltura.

Only Zoom account admin(s) can install or remove the Kaltura Zoom plugin application from the Zoom Marketplace. 

After the Kaltura Zoom plugin for Kaltura  is installed and enabled on your account:

  • All Zoom cloud recordings for the account are uploaded to the configured Kaltura account. 
  • Only the Zoom admin may edit the application configuration. 
  • Recordings that were recorded prior to the installation will not be uploaded to Kaltura.

The transfer to Kaltura begins immediately and seamlessly, although it may take a few minutes for the recording to be available from Zoom.

The following video demonstrates how to install the Kaltura Zoom plug-in

Zoom - Kaltura User Mapping

  • When choosing Zoom User ID, the Zoom user ID is matched to a Kaltura user ID. In some cases, users are defined in Zoom differently than they are defined in Kaltura. For example, Zoom may transfer the entire email address (e.g. first.last@company.com) and in some cases only the user name (e.g. first.last). This setting enables sync between Zoom users and Kaltura users by adding or removing a postfix (e.g. @company.com) or maintaining the same user ID as in Zoom.
  • Based on SAML mapping - if using SAML mapping in Zoom, Kaltura can also match the CMS user ID provided by Zoom mapping. 

For additional information and mapping settings, see the Kaltura Video Integration with Zoom Setup Guide

The following logic is applied when matching the  recording to it's rightful owner: 

  • If the host user exists in Kaltura (based on SAML mapping or Zoom user ID), the ID is mapped.  If a postfix was set during configuration, the system will match based on the postfix configuration. The recording will be displayed under "My Media" in Kaltura MediaSpace for the matched user ID. The Zoom meeting host is the recording owner in Kaltura.
  • If the Zoom meeting host ID does not exist in Kaltura, Kaltura will try to match based on email. If this method fails as well, the recording is mapped to the Default Kaltura User ID and the Default User ID becomes the owner of the recording in Kaltura. 
  • If the Default Kaltura User ID does not exist in Kaltura - it is automatically created. Other users are not automatically created.

Filtering Zoom Recordings

You can define a category for all Zoom recordings to easily filter your recordings in the Kaltura Management Console (KMC). You can then search for Zoom recordings. For more information see Searching and Filtering Through Media.

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