Kaltura Video Editing Tools - Advertisements Tab

This article describes how to use the Kaltura Video Editing Tools Ad Tab and is intended for KMC users that want to add advertisments to their media.

Adding and Modifying Advertisements

Use the Kaltura Ad Editor to:

  • Add different types of advertisements
  • Edit advertisements
  • Delete Advertisements

To add ads to your media

  1. Login to your KMC.
  2. Go to the Content tab and then select an entry from the Entries Table.
  3. Select the Advertisements tab.and click Manage Advertisements.
    The Kaltura Editor is launched, and the Ad tab is selected with your chosen media.
  4. Use the Expand/Minimize icon to minimize/expand left pane to allow a cleaner view.
  5. Click on the plus sign to begin.


Adding Advertisements to Your Media

This section describes how to add, edit and delete ads for the media.

After you click the Plus button or select to edit an existing entry, the Ad Creator screen is displayed on the player.

Use this screen to:

  • Select the ad type.
  • Add/Delete Ads

To place the ads on the media's cue points

  1. Play the video or move the media’s realtime marker to the desired point in the video’s timeline.
  2. Select a ad type by clicking on one of the icons.
    The following ad types are available:
  • Overlay
  • Video Ad

    3. Move the media’s real-time marker to the desired point in the video’s timeline to add ads and repeat the steps in this section.
    4. Click Done when done. The Editor screen is displayed with the ads  displayed as cue points on the timeline.



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