Kaltura My History and Resume Playback

For the History administrator guide, please visit this page

Use the History page to rediscover videos you watched recently. Your history (watched videos) is saved by Kaltura only when the History module is enabled. Your history is listed as individual items, starting with the most recent first, while other sorting options are available. The History module also contains the ‘Resume Playback’ feature, that may be enabled to activate the feature.

Only the Resume Playback feature is available in KAF applications. The My History link is blocked in KAF applications.

Watch history is accumulated from all devices you sign into with the same account. For each media, standard metadata fields are displayed including the thumbnail, name, description, tags, and gallery/channel. New metadata is displayed showing when you viewed or watched the media last. Entries are displayed by the latest watched first.

My History is accessed from the user login menu and displays videos that you have viewed while signed in. This includes videos that you have watched while signed in to the KMS app or browser on a mobile device. Changes you make to your account history will appear on all devices you sign into using your account.

To view My History

  1. Login to KMS.
  2. Select one of the following:
  • The My History tab
  • My History from the User drop down Menu
  • Navigate to http://{your MediaSpace url}/history.

To clear all History

  • Select Clear History.
    Clearing your watch history in KMS clears all other Kaltura applications' history for your user and clears all progress bars.
    You can control your watched history by deleting your entire history or you can delete individual entries from your history.

To delete a single video from My History

1. Select one of the following:

  • The My History tab
  • My History from the User drop down Menu
  • Navigate to http://{your MediaSpace url}/history.

2. Select a video and then select Delete from the Actions drop down menu. A confirmation message displays to confirm that you want to delete the video.

To view media from your history

1. Select one of the following:

  • The My History tab
  • My History from the User drop down Menu
  • Navigate to http://{your MediaSpace url}/history.

2. Click on a video to begin watching it. A progress bar indicator displays. See Video Progress Bar.

To refresh the History page

  • Click on the Refresh icon.

Resume Playback

Video Progress Bar

The video progress bar makes it easy to see where you left off the last time you watched a video. When you stop viewing a video before finishing the entire video, a progress bar under the video thumbnail shows you where you left off. When you play the video again, the video restarts from where you left off.

The progress bar is available when you are logged into KMS/KAF from your computer or mobile device. Although the video progress bar is currently not visual in KAF applications, your viewing progress is recorded on the Kaltura platform. When logged into Kaltura MediaSpace, all videos watched or partially watched through KAF applications will be displayed in your history viewing entries.

When you play a partially watched video, playback resumes from where you left off. There are cases where the video will restart if your administrator set the video’s ending to a different time to be considered “Finished”. 

The progress bar may not update instantaneously. Try refreshing your browser or feed to update the progress bar.

There are four statuses for the progress bar.

  • Not watched: Does not have the progress bar indicator.
  • Partially watched: Shows a partial progress bar and displays up to what point the content was watched.
  • Watched: Shows the full progress bar. This status is set when viewing until the end of the video and is not displayed when "replaying" the video.
  • Completed watching, but watching again: Once you completed watching a video the bar will change color. If watching the video again, the completed color will stay as completed, and the indicator will show again the last watched point.

Home Page Playlists – ‘Recently Watched’ and 'Continue Watching'

On the Home page, your administrator might decide to add one of the following new playlists: ‘Recently Watched' and ‘Continue Watching’.

  • Recently Watched playlist contains the latest videos on your History page.
  • Continue Watching playlist contains the videos from the History page that you started watching, but did not complete watching. 

The Continue Watching progress bar (aka History Progress bar) displays in all the Search results pages. 


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