Kaltura MediaSpace Go (KMS Go) iOS Release Notes

Kaltura MediaSpace Go (KMS Go) iOS Release Notes


Date Released

October 7, 2019
September 10, 2019
August 1, 2019
June 11, 2019
 May 12, 2019
 Mar 23, 2019
 Feb 11, 2019
Dec 2, 2018 
Nov 2, 2018 
Oct 2, 2018 
 Sep 4, 2018
July 6, 2018
March, 12, 2018
Feb 21, 2018 
Feb.14, 2018
Oct, 26, 2017
Aug 2nd, 2017
May 5, 2017
Jan 9th 2017 
Oct 31st 2016 
Sep 25th 2016
Sep 11th 2016

Tested Operating Systems

Tested Mobile Devices



iPhone 7+
iPhone 8
iPhone 6
iPhone X
iPhone XS Max
iPhone 5
iPhone SE
iPhone 6+
iPhone 8+
iPad Air
iPad Mini


What's New

  • “Watch Later” Playlist – If you want to watch a video, but don’t have the time or just want to save it for later, simply choose the “Watch Later” option on the selected video, and it will be added to your “Watch Later” playlist.
  • Use Native Share to upload media straight to KMS Go - You can now use the native share option on your device, to upload any media from your device straight to KMS Go.

Resolved Issues


Links inside Channel Category descriptions are now clickable


What's New

  • Videos with hotspots can now be played and interacted with on the app.
  • We spruced-up the "My Page" screen, where you can find your History, Media, and Downloads - from now on your list are presented as a menu instead of horizontal galleries.
  • Also, we now save application logs to a file and added the ability to send those logs from the application settings page.

Resolved Issues


The 'Edit Entry' screen you're sent to after publishing media now contains the 'Delete Media' button.


You no longer have to wait for the player overlay to disappear instead you can now tap to make it disappear. 


In the 'Subscriptions' screen, you can now view how many channels and media you are subscribed to.


From now on you'll receive a push notification for any new media that have been published to a channel you are subscribed to.


What's New

  • In Video Quiz now supports Open Questions
  • In-Video Quiz – Multiple Attempts (retaking a quiz) is now available in KMS Go. 
  • Bug Fixing


  • Bug fixes

Resolved Issues


Hyperlinks included in the entry description are now highlighted and clickable.


When selecting Search & Explore and applying filters, the result page is now dispalyed properly, in all deviced and configurations.



What's New

  • We now allow admins to configure the extend of idle time for a user's login. Once configured, any time above te defined maximum idle time will require the user to login to the application again.
  • Bug fixes


What's New

  • Support viewing 360 videos and VR
  • Improved offline experience - added quick access to My Downloads while offline 
  • Support DFP (DoubleClick For Publishers)
  • Bug Fixes and performance enhancements 

Resolved Issues 

  • Ads are not supported on VR

Resolved Issues 


Easy naviagtion to My Downloads in offline mode


Skip buttons on YouTube entries is now working properly


When disabling Inspire Me, it will no longer show on the app function menu 


When Downloads and Likes are disabled via the Admin, they will no longer appear as disabled buttons on the app


Upload button will now appear properly on all devices


Improved loading time for Home Page


Fixed customer specific crash


Menu buttons no longer jitter while navigating


What's New

  • Chapters & Slides Viewing Support:
    • Added the ability to view chapters, slides and multi streams.
    • Media with such rich content, will now present a new navigation menu, where users can browse between the different chapters or slides.
  • Multi Views Support:
    • Users will also be able to use the new switch button to switch between video view and slide view, as well as between other available video sources.
  • In-Video Search:
    • We have also included a local in-video search, where users can search for content inside the chapters and slides metadata.
  • Performance enhancements, and bug fixes

Resolved Issues  


Improved loading time for the home page playlists 


Reopenning the app will no longer require re-login


When History module is disabled, the error message after upload will no longer appear 


Tapping on Explore tab will no longer cause app to hang on explore page


What's New

  • Improved Home Page loading time and experience
  • Added configuration to support spotlight search
  • Additional deep linking flows
  • Comment configuration additional support

Resolved Issues 


Channel Icon now appears properly on channel page that was accessed through the Home Page 


Deep link to Entry from Channel is now better supported


Improved loading time of Home Page



Disabled Comments on channels now works properly when accessed from Home Page


Disabled comments work properly on Media Page


Channels published to categories now show correct metadata


What's New

  • Bug fixes, and performance enhancements 

Resolved Issues


After disabling channel comments, comments will not be accessable in KMS Go


Uploading Long videos  in KMS Go is now fixed


Subscribe button is now working for all users



Share button has been added


Page titles no longer showing with underscores


Scrolling the channels list with 16 channels on it, no longer prompts an error


Playlist Settings toggle buttons are now brandable.


What's New

  • Subscribing to a Channel/s directly from the associated Media Page
  • Channels can now be added to the Home Page
  • Configuration to hide “Inspire Me” from the app
  • Configuration to hide the media’s publisher name
  • Channel information is now exposed to the Channel Page without an extra tap
  • KMS Go now supports adding a legal document – EULA. This is configurable in the Admin, and customers can edit the default text to their own. 
  • Added a progress bar indication on the mini playback widget
  • Added ability to change the app’s language in app settings
  • Added iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max Support

Resolved Issues


Having no configured playlists on Home Page will no longer cause the app to crash


Webcasts that have ended will no longer appear to be Live


App will no longer display "Unlisted" option in Publish screen when this option is configured for the web.


Known Issues


Subscribe button is still showing on a Private media (however subscription will not be allowed)


What's New

  • New Smart App Banner - Opening a shared media link on a mobile device, will prompt the new Smart App Banner, which will suggest users to open the shared link in KMS Go.
    This is a great way to promote your app, and let your users experience video in KMS Go native app 
  • Improved upload-to-publish flow - Upon successful media upload, users will be suggested a direct link to the upload flow.  


What's New

  • IVQ support
  • Channel Subscription
  • Push Notifications - Get a push notification when new media was added to your subscribed channel
  • Podcast experience:
    • Support Channel Playlists - Curated playlists (podcasts)
    • My Subscriptions Feed - If enabled by the Admin, media from your subscribed channels will easily be accessed from your home page, or from the navigation bar
    • New Play widget
    • Play in Background
    • Continuous Playback
  • Auto Delete Played Media from "My Downloads" option
  • Default Language support - KMS Go will now use the default language that was defined on the KMS.
  • Option to continue to Publish directly after uploading


What's New

Support Multi Authentication - SSO 

Resolved Issues


KMS Go SSO Authentication is now Supported


KMS Go SSO Authentication is now Supported


App No Longer Crashes when tapping on My Page icon for some instances


What's New

Access Control with Domain Restriction is now supported with the new Player SDK

Resolved Issues


When Access control restriction by domain, is applied for content, then there is no longer an issue with playback on iOS devices.


What's New

  • Audio - Support in Playback, Download, Trim & Upload, Publish and Edit Entry
  • Image - Support in View, Download, Upload, Publish and Edit Entry
  • YouTube - Entry Support
  • Live Media - Playback and UI support
  • iPhone X Support
  • My History and Resume Playback (Continue Watching) - Capability of viewing your viewing history and resuming payback for partially watched videos.
  • Kaltura Mobile Player SDK Integration including: 
    • VOD and Live Playback
    • Multi audio tracks
    • Multi Captions (Webvtt)
    • Bitrate selection
  • Upload from Cloud Support
  • Search Modifications - In  the Search results, tapping the entry's thumbnail will present a new view with search term highlighted and the metadata that the term was found in.
  • 3D Touch quick action clicking -  On the Device Home page, long tapping the app Icon will present a drop down menu for a direct navigation to My Media, Inspire Me, and Search. See the KMS Go for iOS User Guide for more information. 
  • Tag autocomplete and Tag suggestions Support
  • Channel Sorting - Will present as configured on Web
  • Enable/Disable Media Views will work as configured on Web
  • Bug Fixes

Resolved Issues


In the KMS Admin >Application Module, the enableViews parameter is now working properly and is showing the number of views per entry. If the parameter is set to NO - the number of views in the app on are hidden on the Media page.


The channels now appear in the same order (sorting) as configured on the web.


Tag autocomplete and tag suggestions have been implmented. 


KMS GO -The app version has been updated to match the app Store app version number. The issue with the login has been resolved.


KMS GO - The Language combo box is no longer blank in the iPhone.


What's New

  • Create, Trim and Upload Media -  You can now upload media to your KMS GO Instance. You can upload new media or media you choose from your device’s Photos or Gallery. You can also trim media before you upload it to your KMS Go instance.
  • Publish Media – You can publish all media items on your KMS GO instance from your device, to MediaSpace channels and categories. 
  • Edit Entry – Media entry metadata may be modified and updated on your device.

Known Issues


Sometimes (rarely), after the phone turns off, (by users or by itself) the upload is not continued.



Upload will not resume when switching from WiFi to 4G.


Uploading cannot be paused, only canceled.


Resolved Issues


Access Control:  Restricted entries are no longer downloaded through the quick action in the playlist view.


Entry page: Custom metadata is now presented in the entry page.


You can now enter a URL without having to type "https://".


The Owner role can share content on the KMS GO app as on the Web.


The audio has been fixed and is now controlled by the volume buttons on the device and not by the on/off ringer switch.


When the "Downloadmedia" module is set to "NO", downloading media is blocked on the app and the download icon does not appear on the entry page.


Private categories are now displayed after login.


Custom playlists are now refreshed properly. 

Known Issues


The iOS KMS GO Smart Banner may not display properly on some devices.


The application name "KMS GO" is hardcoded and may not be translated properly.



Captions options are not displaying as expected in the KMS Go app.

When selecting captions on the player, the Audio and Subtitles screen is displayed without the relevant caption options. By tapping on the screen the captions may appear.


Resolved Issues




Entry pages are now refreshing properly.


Commenting now works according to the KMS configuration roles.


Smart Banner UX improvement.


Refreshing My Downloads now works as expected.


Playing Entries from Home page, that were also downloaded, will no longer use the downloaded entry to play from


The Kaltura Access Control model is fully supported and enforced.

OnPrem support has been added for up-to-date OnPrem accounts. Hard coded CDN URL links were removed and links are taken from the KMS Server. 


What's New

  • Smart banner and deep link - A banner has been added to Install/View in App when trying to open a media link on your mobile device.  When the link is pressed, the mobile browser (Safari) is opened with the KMS web app displayed. The mobile page has a banner (a.k.a smart banner) that provides the option to install the app, if not already installed on your mobile device, or open the app if already installed. 
  • Custom application packaging:
    • An option to change the default URL for the first launch of the app has been added. The app launches with the default URL when it is first downloaded and opened. Users can select “Change URL” to change it.The app will launch with this URL when it is downloaded and opened. 
    • The application now opens with a single splash screen (Welcome screen), instead of two screens as in the general app.
  • iOS10 support has been added

Resolved Issues



KNI-400In the 'Search and Browse' page, not all the sub-categories are shown.
KNI-405In the 'Search and Browse' page, not all the Channels are shown.
KNI-293Tapping on a playlist from the homepage does not display all entries.


Resolved Issues




The app no longer hangs after inputting an invalid URL. 


Known Issues




 In the 'Search and Browse' page, not all sub-categories are shown.


When vieweing a media item in large screen resolutions (e.g. 1280x800), the video player size does not fit the entire iframe.

Workaround: Scroll down to reach the player's control bar.


Tapping on a playlist from the homepage does not display all of the  entries.


The app hangs after inputting an invalid URL. Workaround:close and reopen the app.


Caption menu appears blank. Note that functionality is there, and captions on/off/language are selectable, but not visible.

This will be handled when Kaltura Mobile Player SDK will be implemented

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