Kaltura Interactive Video Paths Essentials and Admin - Overview & Exercises

Let's Practice

Login to your MediaSpace or LMS account.

Create a Project

  1. Select the "Add New" option from the User menu to add a new Kaltura entry and then select "Interactive Video".
  2. Name the project & add a Description.
  3. Using the "Add Media" section, add the videos that you want to use in the project.
  4. Click Create.

Creating a Node and Connecting Nodes

The node map is the main area of the Kaltura Interactive Videos editor. This is where you build out the structure of your interactive project. All projects begin with an empty start node that is ready to accept media.

  1. After you create a project, select a new node using the Empty Node option, or select a media from the media list you have added. 
  2. Begin building out your project layout by clicking and dragging empty nodes onto the node map.
  3. Hover over the right-hand side of each node and drag the arrow to the node or nodes it should connect to.
    You can connect the node to any other node on the node map, even itself! You can also create multiple connections from one node.
  4. Save the project.

Setting User Permissions to Interactive Videos.

  1. Go to the MediaSpace or Kaltura Application Framework Admin page and locate the "Raptmedia" module.
  2. Locate the the "enable" field and set it to "Yes".
  3. Configure the user role that will be able to generate a Interactive Video Paths using the  "AllowedRole" section. Note that specific users or groups could be configured using the "Specific users" option.
  4. Save the changes.
  5. Reload your MediaSpace / LMS and confirm that the users can create Interactive Video Paths.
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