Import Quizzes To Various Live Rooms

Companies that create and reuse quizzes may want to import quizzes and share them across the company.

How To Import Quizzes?

To import quizzes, contact your Kaltura Customer Care to enable the Import Quiz module and provide advanced instructions.  After the Import Quiz module is enabled:

  1. Build your quizzes in advance in a CSV based on the following format. You must add the words Not a quiz to the last line. We must first include Row 1 which provides the headers for our columns:
    • Quiz Name - This is the name of the quiz that displays like the file name.
    • Question Type (Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers, Open Answer) - Question type column shows the only options that can be used as values in the cells. Any departure from those exact values will return an error.
    • Questions - This is the question for the quiz.
    • Answers - These are the answer values.
      • The order of these values will be maintained in the quiz import so be sure to set the order here.

      • Multiple Choice and Multiple Answers question types can have up to 6 answer options. No more than that. Answer options cannot be blank or just spaces.

      • Only Open Answer questions will not have a value here.

    • Correct Answer
      • Correct and incorrect answer values must be added for all answer options related to the Multiple Choice and Multiple Answers.

      • The possible values are either Y for the correct answer or N for the incorrect answer.

      • Multiple Choice questions must only have one Y while Multiple Answers may have multiple Y answer values.

      • Open Answer questions do not have an answer value. 

  2. Log in the Kaltura Meeting backend at
  3. Click Files.
  4. Click Imported Quizzes and then click the Import Quizzes button.

💡The formatting of the questions must be exact and the file must be saved as a CSV or the import won't be successful. Do not import more than 20 quizzes at a time!

How to Select Imported Quizzes in a Live Room?

  1. Enter your Live Room.
  2. Go to Files.
  3. Click the Imported Quizzes folder.
  4. Select a quiz to play/add to playlist.

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