How to switch off HTML5 controls for iPad

The iPad has two modes of usage for HTML5, HTML controls or native player. There are tradeoffs to both options:

Advantages of HTML controls:

  • On screen overlays ( like ad overlays )
  • Control over the playhead scrubber ( no ad skip)
  • Custom branded player and 'experience' ( watermarks, control bar logo, share option etc. )

Advantages of Native controls:

  • Smooth transition to true fullscreen ( no "new browser window" or address bar )
  • Consistent with iPhone experience ( native player )
  • Analytics and flavor selection work the same for both modes

To switch off HTML5 controls for iPad:

mw.setConfig('EmbedPlayer.EnableIpadHTMLControls', false );

Please visit our HTML5 video FAQ on the wiki for the latest HTML5 documentation.

Demo page.

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