How to Start a Kaltura Session using the TestMe Console

To start a Kaltura Session

  1. Go to:
  2. Select Session from the Select Service drop down list.

  3. Select Start from the Select action drop-down list.

At this point you need to log in to the KMC and retrieve some information.

To retrieve information from the KMC

  1. After logging in to KMC, click the Settings button and then Integration settings. 
  2. Save the following information:(actual information is blurred intentionally)
    1. Partner ID.
    2. Administrator Secret.
      *The numbers and letters are different for each Partner.*
  3. Return to the TestMe Console and paste all the Partner ID and Administrator Secret information and change the type field from USER to ADMIN.

  4. After pressing Send, you should see a code appear at the right side of screen, this is the KS, a Kaltura Session key.
  5. At this point the KS field needs to be added manually by the user.
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