How to restrict domains?

Kaltura’s Access Control mechanism provides the means to restrict content playback from specific domains. This is useful to prevent scraping of content from your website or re-sharing of content on other sites that are not yours.

Domain restrictions allow you to define a “white list” of domains that allow only playback attempts of content placed on these domains to be granted. Any playback attempt via the Kaltura Dynamic Player placed on a domain not on this list will be denied. In the same manner a “black list” can be defined, performing the opposite constraint. Any playback attempt from these domains will be denied. You can create a combination of both “white listed” and “black listed” domains.

To restrict content to specific domains

  1. Create an Access Profile
  2. In the Authorized Domains section, select one of the following options:
  • Toggle All Domains – content will display in all domains.
  • Toggle Only in the following domains - enter a site or list of approved sites to display content. See Add or Remove a Domain.
  • Toggle Block from the following domains - enter a domain or list of approved of domains to exclude. See Add or Remove a Domain.


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