Can I save my searches?

08/20/2019Tal Binder
Yes. See   Exploring Media

Is the search tool the same for the KMS GO and KMS web applications?

08/20/2019Debbie Zioni
For KMS GO, a   new way of searching for entries is available.   Unlike the global search in KMS for the web, KMS GO allows you to simultaneously search in an entry's basic metadata (name, description, tags) and inside complex data be...

How do I get the Push Notifications and My Subscriptions presence on the home page?

10/27/2020Tal Binder
In the  Kmsapi  module, set the allowPushNotifications to Yes, as they are currently off by default.

How do I set “My Subscriptions” on the Home Page?

10/27/2020Tal Binder
In the Kmsapi module, set the showMySubscriptionSection to Yes. You can choose the “My Subscriptions” on Home Page to show a Subscribed Channels view (default), OR turn showEntriesInMySubscriptionSection to yes, too display the subscr...

Which TLS version is required for the app to work on iOS?

10/27/2020Tal Binder
KMS GO on iOS is supported with TLS 1.2 and above.

KMS requires that you have forcehttps enabled. Does your entire MediaSpace instance have to be over https?

10/27/2020Tal Binder
Kaltura no longer requires forceHttps in versions KMS 5 and above. Your SSL settings should be set with a minimum of Login Only (or All Site).

Is MDM supported?

10/27/2020Tal Binder
MDM support is limited to MDM's that offer app wrapping technology, such as MobileIron, AirWatch and InTunes. KMS GO can be delivered as a .ipa file for iOS and a .apk or .obb file for Android. Please contact your MDM provider and find out if...

How long does the authenticated session last for a logged-in user?

10/27/2020Tal Binder
An authenticated session lasts as per the mobileSessionLifeTime configuration in the Kmsapi Admin Configuration.  When a KMS server deploys a new version to production, the previous session expires. ...

SAML security - Are the login credentials cached and encrypted?

10/27/2020Tal Binder
KMS GO does not cache user data. A session cookie is maintained in the app after a user logged in, using NSUerDefaults, without encryption. All data is stored in NSUsersDefaults in the app/kms-instance settings, and in the user's cookie if logg...

Does the app connect to ADFS system each time it is launched?

10/27/2020Tal Binder
No, KMS GO uses the session configured to access the MediaSpace server.

When does a user have to re-enter their ID and Password?

10/27/2020Tal Binder
 When a session expires, which depends on the MediaSpace Kmsapi module configuration for the mobileSessionLifeTime . ...

Does the KMS GO app work on On-Prem Platform?

10/27/2020Tal Binder
If your On-Prem version contains the  Kmsapi module the KMS GO app should be configurable. However, you must have the latest Kmsapi module for the app to work, Contact your Kaltura customer representative for information about updating the Kms...

Can you switch the KMS Go language?

12/22/2020Debbie Zioni
Yes you can change the application’s language if your instance has been configured to support multiple languages.  The option to change the language is available through the application’s Settings section. ...