December 2017 Release Notes Blackboard Learn

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Version 5.0.63 and (SaaS)

These release notes pertain to the Kaltura Video Building Block 5 for Blackboard Learn 9.x, released December 20, 2017, build 5.0.63, minimum KAF version 5.67.17, supporting the Blackboard self-hosted and managed-hosting.

The Kaltura Video Building Block supports the following service packs:

  • Blackboard Learn self-hosted and managed-hosting (v5.0.63) -  Q4 2016 release, Q2 2017 release, and release Q4 2017.
  • Blackboard Learn SaaS in the classic Learn experience (v5.1.0.63).

New Features

This version introduces the following items:

  • Support for the new Blackboard Learn Q4 2017 
  • Pop Up & Responsive Player – The player pop up was removed from all Kaltura Mashup Tool embeds. In the standalone Mashup Tool (using ’Course Content > Build Content > Kaltura Media’) the player is also responsive, meaning it will change its size when the browser's dimensions change.(1)

Since this change will only affect newly embedded content, we recommend re-embedding any content you want to move to an in-page player.

  • Grading ‘Points Possible’ – This version contains the ability to choose the “points possible” for the IVQ submission through the BB 'Assesments' workflow. When the IVQ is added to a course, you can choose a distribution of points other than 1-100. (2) 

Known Issues




A video may not display on the Grade Assignment page for Group assignment only. 


BlackBoard Mobile app - Content may not display due to a Cookies session error. This only happens when using '' domain with your BlackBoard instance.





When using the standalone Mashup Tool to add a Kaltura video, users cannot add attachments. This issue is caused due to some deprecated classes on that page. Kaltura is working with BB to find a way to allow this capability using new public BB APIs


(1) KMS-15175; (2) KMS-15684; (3) KMS-15195;

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