Can You Import/Export the Whiteboard's Information From the Breakout Rooms?

Yes, you can import/export the Whiteboard's information or take screenshots of the Whiteboard and then add them to your Files. 

Exporting/Saving Whiteboards

You can save individual whiteboards to your desktop.

1. Click the 3 dot dropdown in the top right corner of the whiteboard.
2. Click Export Whiteboard.

💡You can then upload the file to your File Management System from your desktop. 

Importing/Uploading Whiteboards

You can import previously exported whiteboards

  1. Click the 3 dot drop down menu in the top right.
  2. Click Import Whiteboard.
  3. Search your desktop for a previously saved Kaltura formatted whiteboard.
  4. Click Ok.
💡Instructors will be able to upload a Kaltura formatted whiteboard to another room, and have access to work on that whiteboard in the new room.
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