Can we add images to the whiteboard?

01/03/2021Danny Swibel
Yes. When the whiteboard is initiated, simply navigate to the image icon to upload an image to the white board. Note, when using smaller monitor, the image icon will be displayed in the dropdown menu of the pencil icon.  ...

How can we change the default screen when initiating the room from the whiteboard to a video?

01/03/2021Danny Swibel
When preparing your live demo, initiate a video from the video library or from the playlist and this is how the room will remain until the next time you enter.  

What is the difference between ‘add new board’ and ‘create board’?

01/03/2021Danny Swibel
  ‘ Create board ’  will enable you to create a new group o f boards, and 'add new board' is having an additional  new ,  single  white  board in side   a certain  group &nb...

What are the whiteboard capabilities?

01/03/2021Danny Swibel
Please check out the article  Use Your Digital Whiteboard   ...

Can You Import/Export the Whiteboard's Information From the Breakout Rooms?

04/02/2020Lior Bukshpan
Yes, you can import/export the Whiteboard's information or take screenshots of the Whiteboard and then add them to your Files.  Exporting/Saving Whiteboards You can save individual whiteboards to your desktop. 1. Click the 3 dot dropd...

Where Are My Whiteboard Annotations or Drawings Saved?

04/01/2020Lior Bukshpan
The "feeling" of a recurring class stays the same, as long as you use the original link. In other words, all of your whiteboards and drawings are saved inside the Virtual Classroom.  ...