August 2017 Release Notes - Blackboard Learn

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Version 5.0.61

These release notes pertain to the Kaltura Video Building Block 5 for Blackboard Learn 9.x, released August 1, 2017, build 5.0.61, minimum KAF version 5.62.17, supporting the Blackboardself-hosted and managed-hosting.

This release of the Kaltura Video Building Block resolves the below issues. 

This Kaltura Video Building Block supports the following service packs:

  • Blackboard Learn self-hosted and managed-hosting (v5.0.61) -  Q2 2016 release, Q4 2016 release,and release Q2 2017.

Bug fix




This fix resolves 2 issues that were found in some environments, where an additional column was created if the quiz name was changed, and the fact that the quiz cannot be deleted from the content area. 


When using the BB copy course, content in the Media Gallery was not copied


The IVQ grades were not updated in the BB grade center


Editing the quiz title was not being updated at the grade center

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