API Frequently Asked Questions


How to retrieve the Partner ID, API Admin Secret and API User Secret

How to retrieve the downloadable or streaming URL using API calls?

How to retrieve metadata of a media entry using the API?

Does the Kaltura platform allow fps and resolution reduction?

Can Kaltura send control commands and audio stream back to the camera (bi-directional)?

How does the Kaltura facilitate handshake / user authentication to ensure authorized users access?

What is the backend component that handles Live Streaming in Kaltura?

How to upload a video file using the Kaltura API?

How is the content uploaded through the Kaltura API?

How to configure the KMC to provide server side notifications?

What is the recommended time to keep a log of server notifications?

How to create a video thumbnail rotator in JavaScript?

What kind of camera feeds are supported “off the shelf” in Kaltura?

How does the search option work in Kaltura?

Does Kaltura allow batch processing of computer vision algorithms on transcoded files?

Can Kaltura allow real time triggering of specific events (stream processing e.g. apache storm, http://hipi.cs.virginia.edu/)?

Can Kaltura extract/grab frame images from a video?

Can Kaltura generate video clips or trim long videos?

Can Kaltura cross reference metadata such as events to video timestamp?

What is the Kaltura media player JavaScript API?

What JavaScript APIs are provided with Kaltura's media players?

How to find the Kaltura Video Player APIs?

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