Annotating from an iPad

How do you moderate a session from your computer while annotating from another device like an iPad?
To annotate on an iPad, you must:

  1. Connect into Kaltura as an instructor/moderator from your computer.
  2. Simultaneously connect to the same Kaltua Live Room from your iPad as a ‘guest’, disabling/deactivating your webcam and microphone. 
  3. Go back to Kaltura  from your computer as the moderator and give ‘moderator’ capabilities to ‘guest’ user.  Check Set Participant Permissions.
    1. Go to participant list.
    2. Click on the v icon to the right of a person's name or ‘guest’.
    3. Click Set as moderator (or strictly give them the ability to Draw On The Whiteboard). 

4. An instructor is now capable of being seen and heard from their computer while simultaneously annotating from their iPad. 

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