Adding a Data Collection Form to a Video Player

You can add a mandatory or optional data collection form to a video player any time during playback. The data collection form is used to generate leads or collect additional data for existing leads.

  1. Create a form in Eloqua with the relevant fields you want the in-player form to update.
    Even if you are collecting data on known leads, make sure to include a field for an email address to connect the collected data to contacts.
    If necessary, define the form processing to update the relevant fields.
  2. Decide the following:
    1. If you want 1, 2, or 3 fields. 
    2. For each field: 
      1. name of the field of the form.
      2. Placeholder: the text to appear in the field before filling it out. 
      3. If it is a required field. 
    3. If the form is mandatory or not.
    4. When in the video do you want the form to display.
    5. Optional style rules like font and colors. 
  3. Send this information to your Kaltura representative, along with the Player ID(s).
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