What is bulk upload?

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Kaltura offers bulk content ingestion when there is a need to upload large files. Bulk upload presents a great advantage to consolidate large amounts of video content in different locations from remote sites. See Bulk Upload and FTP Upload.

You can import multiple files per session via a simple comma separated file (CSV) or an XML file. With these options, you can also ingest files from your own FTP server, or any publicly accessible file’s host. Metadata fields can be populated from CSV/XML.


Note: For any bulk actions that will create more than 5,000 entries (e.g., users), including categories bulk uploads, please contact your Kaltura representative to coordinate the upload. 


The following video provides a quick walkthrough of the bulk-upload features in KMC - 

Bulk Upload Using CSV or XML | Kaltura Video Tutorial

Learn how to upload multiple media enteris to the Kaltura server in a single action using a single file (via CSV or XML). For the full guide check out this blog post: http://blog.kaltura.org/kalturas-bulk-upload and this guide on the Kaltura Knowledge Center: http://knowledge.kaltura.com/faq/what-bulk-upload


 The greatest benefits for bulking your uploads are:

  • Importing multiple files in one action thus automating  the ingestion process.
  • Ingesting large files which you cannot upload from the desktop via the KMC (larger than 2GB)
  • Populating metadata fields with no need to enter them from the KMC

There are two methods to upload bulk content:  the simple method where you use a CSV file (Comma Separated Value) and the advanced method where you use an XML file, which has many extensive bulk upload features. You can customize the structure to the metadata and elements tat are part of your account specific workflow. Using the XML file bulk upload is the recommended method due to its structured hierarchy, allowing for nested objects and metadata and is easily extended.

You can use the CSV format for simple content ingestion based on imported source media files and their related metadata.

The XML Bulk Upload file is based on Kaltura’s MRSS format schema for content ingestion. The XML format enables bulk ingestion of complex video or audio packages.

Complex packages may include:

  • Multiple bit-rate Transcoding Flavors already transcoded by a local transcoder
  • Multiple thumbnails
  • Related metadata and publishing options




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