Kaltura SharePoint 2010 Video Extension v2 Release Notes

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Kaltura Edition: 

Version 2.0

These release notes pertain to the Kaltura Video Extension for Sharepoint 2010 January 12, 2014

What's New this Release

The following new features are included in this release of the Kaltura SharePoint 2010 Video Extension:

Feature Description
Screen Recording Create screencasts, webinars and training sessions from within SharePoint and publish them in your SharePoint site and pages.
Federated Search Display video search results along with all other document search results.
Cross Application "My Media" Upload once and easily repurpose videos in multiple applications across the organization. Centrally manage all media content and associated metadata – avoid overhead and silos.
Many-to-one: SharePoint-to-Kaltura Allow multiple SharePoint extensions to work simultaneously using the same Kaltura account. You can now have a central media repository for multiple SharePoint servers while still segregating the content between SharePoint servers and ensure that content is visible only to authorized users.

Known Issues

ID  Issue
SP-4  Images cannot be uploaded via the Kaltura Contribution Wizard.
SP-6 Playlists in a page do not automatically play the next video.
N/A Connectivity of the SharePoint Server to Kaltura cloud via a proxy is not supported.











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