Webcasting Events Portal

Accessing the Webcasting Events Portal 

The Webcasting Events Portal may be accessed from your KMS instance.


The Webcasting Events Portal consolidates all Kaltura Webcasting activity into one place and allows you to:

  • Easily find the webcast that is now broadcasting.
  • See all the upcoming webcasts live events sorted by date.
  • Discover relevant content that was broadcasted within the organzation.

The page is divided into three sections:

  • Live - All the webcasts that are currently broadcasting, and is referred to as the gallery. The most recent Webcast displayed in the Gallery is referred to as the "hero".
  • Upcoming - All upcoming webcasts. 
  • Recorded - All webcasts that have finished broadcasting.

There is a maximum of 5 webcasts that can be loaded into the display carousel.

The live webcasts will be shown first and are sorted by the ones that started most recently. 

When there is one live webcast, the next ones that are shown are the upcoming webcasts, displayed according to proximity of the date they are to start.

When there are other open slots, the recorded webcasts are sorted by the ones that have finished most recently.

Clicking anywhere in the gallery will direct you to the page of the correlating video.


Searching for a Webcast

Click on a section title. You will be directed to the “search” page with filtered content according to the section title that you clicked.

The entries are sorted according to their scheduled date. For example, you can click on the Live Webcasts title, and you will be directed to the “search” page with only the Live Webcasts filtered.

Hero Unit

An entry displays an enlarged entry component with the following metadata:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Join Now CTA button
  • Presenters image + name if one exists
  • Broadcast time
    • Live Webcasts - Visual indicator that the webcast is now live, and the elapsed time
    • Scheduled Webcasts - broadcast time and date
    • Recorded Webcasts - total time and date
  • Active users

The background for the "Hero" media is the a video auto-playing muted in the case of a live/recorded entry. The source selected uses the player logic for selecting the right flavor.
The video is displayed  with a "naked" player (no plugins and no controllers).
Clicking anywhere in the Hero unit will navigate to the correlating entry page.

Gallery Logic

This section describes the display logic for the Live gallery.

  • Display the newest webcast that is now live, if there is no live entry then:
  • Display the webcast entry that is intended to start closest to the time the page has been loaded, if there are no scheduled webcasts then.
  • Display the most recent webcast that has ended.

Click on the next media to load the next video according to the logic above. The maximum number of entries in the gallery is 5.
When the live entry finishes playing, the entry is removed and the next entry is displayed according to the gallery logic.
If an upcoming entry starts to broadcast,  the entry should switch to the live broadcast instead of the upcoming entry.

Upcoming Webcasts

A webcast should meet all of the following conditions to be considered as “upcoming”:

  1. The webcast is not live now (not broadcasting).
  2. The webcast does not have a recording entry.
  3. The webcast scheduled end date is not in the past.

All upcoming Webcast entries are sorted by their scheduled time in Ascending order, For example, the first entry should be the entry that is scheduled to start soonest.

Each webcast entry in the Upcoming Webcast section includes:

  • The entire entry is a link to the entry event page
  • Broadcast time

    • Broadcast time and date according to the KMS convention
  • Presenters - image and name (if one exists)
  • Thumbnail - if no thumbnail was configured, the deault webcast thumbnail will be shown
  • Title
  • Description

Show More Button

The page loads with 4 entries in the upcoming section, in order to see more you need to click on the Show More button to load 4 new entries each time. The Show More button is displayed under the last loaded entry.

Recorded Webcasts

All upcoming Webcast entries are sorted by their scheduled time in Ascending order. For example, the first entry should be the entry that is scheduled to start soonest.

All recorded entries are sorted by their scheduled time - Ascending order. For example, the first entry should be the last entry that finished to broadcast.

The grid is responsive and should add entries per row depending on the screen width - mobile: 1 entry, tablet: 2 - 3, desktop: 3.

On the page load, the grid loads 12 entries. After you scroll to the last oentry,  the page will load an additional 12 entries.

Recorded Webcasts Entry

Each webcast entry in the Recoreded Webcasts section includes:

  • Title
  • Time - uses the standard KMS timing mechanism
  • Presenter - image and name (if one exists)
  • Viewers
  • Comments
  • Likes
  • The entire entry is a link to the entry event page
  • Webcast duration
  • On hover, the video should start playing the muted video.


  • The embedded portal is responsive (mobile, tablet and desktop)


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